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From the book forward by Julie DuBose:

In Graceful Appearance Miksang Publications presents 108 of Michael’s photographs for you to see and experience for yourselves. Embedded within each of these images is Michael’s experience of seeing. They transmit his experience directly and fully to you. You are seeing through his eyes. The images are as current as right now. They are alive.

While Michael is not the only person who has taught and practiced the expression of meditative mind through photography, his method to teach this expression is unique. What distinguishes his approach is his mastery of the medium of photography combined with an uncompromising allegiance to unaltered, pure perception.

The central focus of Michael’s method is the state of mind of the photographer. We couldn’t create these perceptions, they happen spontaneously and beyond our ordinary, normal way of seeing. We simply see the world of form as it appears, free of our conceptual database of what things are and mean, and what would make a pleasing photograph. Because what we see is not filtered through mental associations or preferences, it is fresh, unmediated visual experience.

Gracefulness, in the sense of Graceful Appearance, means nonaggression. When we experience the quality of the rain, the wind, the cold, we are able to feel our aliveness. When we see our world and allow it to meet us as it truly is, we can experience our lives in a simple way, free of the past and future. We don’t have to struggle. We can take our time. We can be in one moment in time and space and be fully present with our experience of seeing our world as it appears.

Michael Wood is one of the originators of the Contemplative Photography movement in modern photography and the original founder of the Miksang Training Curriculum. In Graceful Appearance he provides 108 images that demonstrate the essence of the practice of contemplative photography. His photographs transmit the experience of seeing the world in an intimate, unconditional way. They are living expressions of naked perception.

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